Who Tells Your Story? (Chakeres Gallery)

Feb 3–June 6, 2021

Who Tells Your Story? is the guiding question for a new exhibition in the Chakeres interactive gallery at the Springfield Museum of Art. Many people in our community, and across the nation, are asking questions about whose stories get told and who does the telling. Also, at this time of year many school children are studying early American History and current events. The gallery provides a thinking space for all ages to reflect on history, images, and personal stories by asking, Who Tells Your Story? The exhibition showcases 23 objects from the Permanent Collection, several of which are making their public debut.

UnNatural History: Photographs by Diane Fox

Mar 20-Jul 11, 2021

“UnNatural History is a collection of photographs shot in natural history museums in the U.S. and abroad. Using reflection and the inclusion of items within the diorama’s case meant to remain unseen, the work points to its unreality and the disconnection within the human/animal relationship. It is this dichotomy between the real and the unreal, the version of life portrayed and the actuality of death, the inherent beauty of the animals within their fabricated environment and the understanding of its invention, which finds me both attracted and repelled.” – Diane Fox