Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility

Art belongs to all people. The Springfield Museum of Art embraces Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility because art and our community thrive on openness to ideas and people, regardless of background, belief, or circumstance. As a dynamic, ever-evolving Museum, we intentionally pursue an understanding of our responsibility to be a space that reflects both the world we wish to live in and the vital role we seek to fill in our community. Together, we are stronger.


»  That our museum reflects the rich experiences, stories, and perspectives of our community.

»  To acknowledge and dismantle exclusionary procedures, policies, and systems that exist within our organization in order to implement inclusive structures and practices.

»  To embody the ideals of an inclusive museum through our words, actions, marketing, and institutional body language.

»  To be a brave space and advocate for civil discourse and creativity.

»  To build a continuous and sustained awareness of and collaborative spirit toward the challenges and needs of our community.

»  To learn, grow, receive feedback, evaluate our work, and refine our efforts in the enduring pursuit of equity.


SMoA is developing actions steps across the organization including exhibitions, education programs, events, fundraising, policies, operations, and boards and committees to support the diversity, inclusion, and access that is central to becoming an equitable museum. This is an iterative process that requires ongoing planning, implementation, evaluation, and refining of the work undertaken across and throughout the museum.