Migiwa Orimo / Kate Kern / Anne Straus

Mar 10-Apr 21, 2007 Ancestral Patterns – Anne Straus
Geometric symbols and patters are found in the natural world. From villages decorated by women in West Africa, I am inspired to share some of their painted houses and follow their paths to crate a new, organic reality in my paintings. The straight lines of geometry become wavy and loose, more appealing to my eye and heart, yet still recognizable as universal shapes.
For me, the act of creation is using the familiar in a new way which achieves a balance between reality and iagintaion. Geometry is rethought as an organic symbol, and the personal shapes are translated into a new language by the viewer.

Always and Everywhere – Kate Kern
Awareness of the inevitability of loss fuels this work.
There is disquiet, anxiety and also beauty.
The ephemeral materials of paper, ink, thread and glue emphasize fragility. The process of manipulating these materials are labor intensive and time consuming.
Exploring and completing each process speaks of faith, or stubbornness of some of both.

Variations on Silence and Elements of Doubt – Migiwa Orimo
With time, it is between me and myself that silence settles down. My intimacy is in silence. – Tinh T. Mihn-ha
On the back page fo the book from which the above quote was taken, I found a phrase jottedi n my handwriting. It must be at least fifteen years old. It says, "Showing themselves, they hide. Hiding, they show themselves."
Are these my own words, or from another book I was reading at that time?
Although the words are probably not my own, the thought has become a part of me after years of retelling. Time has blurred the boundary between the origin of the thought and the carrier of the thought.
In this installation, "Variations on Silence and Elements of Doubt," I explore the notion of silence – not as the absence of sounds – but where doubt resides between showing and hiding.