Current Exhibitions

Ubi Sunt: Annie Lee and Brian Zimerle (Deer Gallery)

Jan 18-Apr28, 2019

Ubi Sunt is from the Latin phrase Ubi sunt qui ante nos fuerunt?, meaning “Where are those who were before us?” (Wikipedia). Originating in biblical times, the concept has been used throughout the centuries to represent a meditation on mortality and the temporary nature of life, as well as to convey a sense of nostalgia.
The exhibition features several new works in a variety of media, including prints, paintings, and ceramics. Through prints and paintings, Annie Lee-Zimerle creates narratives that serve as a reflection of her thoughts on cultural identity, domesticity and the role of family. Brian Zimerle’s work utilizes the three dimensional to comment upon the subtle play of what knowledge is and how the interactions between art, artist, object, and viewer functions. Through exhibition of their work in tandem, a new conversation about culture, identity, and one’s relationships is created.

Spirits, Illusions & Discoveries: Scanographs by Doug McLarty (Chakeres Gallery)

Sep 22, 2018 – Jan 27, 2019

Doug McLarty’s photos employ eye-catching botanical designs, unusual floral combinations and whimsical creations to help us examine and enjoy the rich diversity of nature. He makes use of digital scanning technology to reveal unique patterns and perspectives for the viewer.

For the past 40 years Doug McLarty has photographed landscape and botanical images throughout Europe, the Caribbean, Florida and the western United States. Much of his extensive portfolio was created using traditional black and white film capture and darkroom processing techniques. McLarty gradually moved into digital photography and now makes digital images exclusively. Doug credits British sculptor, environmentalist and photographer Andy Goldsworthy, glass artist Dale Chihuly and architect Frank Gehry for inspiring his current botanical photo series. Doug McLarty resides in Xenia, Ohio.

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 22, 5:30-7 pm

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Ohio Plein Air Society – The Farm (Klein & Halley Galleries)

Dec 8, 2018 – Mar 9, 2019

The Ohio Plein Air Society artists focus on painting, drawing, and other art forms completed on site, from direct observation, and outdoors. Their admiration for the outdoor world leads them to explore the diversity and uniqueness of Ohio’s landscapes, cityscapes, lakes, rivers, and streams through art. The Farm will include recent works inspired by Ohio’s varied farm lands – from vast expanses of crop fields to feisty urban gardens.

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Exhibition Sponsors: Hugh Barnett, The Shawnee Farm, and The Harmony Family Farms