Current Exhibitions


Tom Hawley: Lignam Revîvere (Wood Revitalized) in the Beach Gallery

Dec 2, 2017–Jan 31, 2018

Yellow Springs artist Tom Hawley creates sculptural objects from salvaged wood, giving new life to abandoned materials. “I have a fascination with wood, and searching for interesting specimens to work with is like a treasure hunt. It’s like discovering and cutting a diamond out of a lump of coal. When I acquire wood from a fallen tree, I study it for a long time before cutting to try to reveal the most beautiful patterns in the grain. Then, as shapes and patterns emerge, they often compel me to cut and juxtapose to accentuate what I am imagining. If I can find the treasure within a piece of discarded wood and bring it back to life as an evocative dynamic form, I find that very rewarding.”


Art 360°: Contemporary Art Hatching Across Ohio

Dec 2, 2017–Mar 18, 2018

Art 360° showcases the incredible artistic creations of 48 contemporary artists from across Ohio. Each artist started with the same unique canvas: an Ostrich egg. Working in all artistic media from oil, acrylic and watercolor paints to encaustic, fiber, and ceramics, from printmaking, photography, and pen & ink, to light works and sculpture, the Art 360° artists transformed the Ostrich eggs into works of great beauty that refer to traditions in high art — the Imperial Easter eggs crafted by Peter Carl Fabergé — and to folk traditions as well — beeswax-decorated Ukrainian pysanaky eggs. For more information about the evolution of this exhibition, visit

SMoA plans to host a number of events featuring talks by some of the Art 360° artists as well as special programming for children based upon this wonderful exhibition.

Opening Reception: 5:30-7pm, Saturday, Dec 2, 2017 (free to members; admission fees apply for non-members)

All photographs © 2016 Feinknopf Photography.


Edna Boies Hopkins: Life in Print

Oct 7, 2017-Feb 4, 2018

Edna Boies Hopkins: Life in Print offers a unique opportunity to view a wide range of Hopkins’ works spanning several years of her career, from her exquisitely crafted woodcuts of assorted flora, to her illuminating portraits of Appalachian life. Also included are examples of her studio processes including pencil and watercolor drawings as well as a color study for the woodblock print Garden Flowers.

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Debbie Loffing | RUDY | ceramic and found objects

Debbie Loffing: Assembled Misfits (Chakeres Interactive Gallery)

Jun 25-Dec 30, 2017

Debbie Loffing: Assembled Misfits features twenty four whimsical characters created from a combination of fired clay and found, assembled materials. Each figurine has a personality of his or her own; Ranger Rick sports a nifty lantern hat, Geoffrey, Keeper of the Blue Bird of Happiness, shares a moment with his friend Birdie, and canine Rudy looks ready to pounce.

Visitors of all ages are invited to create their own assemblage sculptures out of ceramics and found objects in the gallery.


Jennifer Rosengarten: Gardens & Ponds (Deer Gallery)

Apr 22, 2017-Jan 7, 2018

Jennifer Rosengarten on her work: “My work is a visceral and intuitive process of responding to my subject until the surface reveals shifting glimpses of both light and space. Opposing tensions intrigue me: energy and enervation, light and dark, the seen and unseen, the flatness of the surface and its counterpoint – deep illusionistic space, opacity and transparency, geometry and chaos. It is a layering of experiences – perceived, remembered, and imagined through color and line; all the while interacting with the evolving nature of the work itself, thus revealing unexpected complexity and nuance.”

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