Mind Matters: Confronting Stigma of Mental Illness (Beach Gallery)

Dec 1, 2018-Jan 11, 2019 Works by Yellow Springs High School Students

For this traveling exhibition, students from Health and Art classes at Yellow Springs High School collaborated to create an educational exhibit that informs viewers about mental illness. Students worked to change mindsets, confront stereotypes, build empathy, and reduce stigma through their presentation and physical display.

They were empowered with knowledge through first person accounts of those directly impacted by mental illness. This included insights from community experts in the mental health field and courageous individuals diagnosed with a mental illness willing to share their stories. With this information students formulated investigation questions that worked to communicate a message of empathy, support, or stereotype reduction.

SMoA is the second institution to host the exhibition as it was previously installed at the TEJAS K-12 Gallery in Dayton, Ohio. The exhibit is intended to travel to other local establishments working to convey a message of support, while reducing stigma commonly associated with mental illness.