Here is another fun art-making activity that the whole family can enjoy! Using different surfaces can make painting a whole new adventure, especially for children. Try painting on foil from your kitchen drawer – finger-paints, tempera, wall paint, and acrylic all work really well because they are thick. The paint moves differently on foil, and fingers or cotton swabs leave lines letting the silver of the foil show through. Brushes can easily tear the foil, cotton swabs make a perfect tool for painting on foil.

Watercolors move nicely on foil, and because there is no absorption it can be fun to move the paint puddles by blowing on it with a straw. To “capture” a watercolor on foil painting, try laying a piece of paper on top to pick up the paint.

If you do try these out, we would love to see your results! Share them with us in the comments or tag us using @smoa_ohio, #momentsforjoy.