Click on the Collection tab above to complete this scavenger hunt. You may need to use some close-looking skills to find some of the items. Let us know on our social media when you have found all of the objects and which object was your favorite.

Red balloons (Randolph H. Deer | “CAROUSEL” THE MUSICAL)
A black cat (Mary Francis Merrill | LADY WITH CATS)
Sheets hanging on a clothes line (James Roy Hopkins | LAUNDRY ON THE LINE)
Baby in a cradle (Elizabeth Nourse | INTERIEUR BRETON A PENMARCH)
A tornado (John Steuart Curry | JOHN BROWN)
A child’s coloring book (Alice Schille | PORTRAIT OF LUCIA MOUAT |)
A peeled banana (Henry Church, Jr. | STILL LIFE)
Beach umbrellas (Beatrice Whitney Van Ness | OGUNQUIT BEACH SCENE)
Sunflowers (Tamara Jaeger | LADY IN THE GARDEN )
Tape dispenser (Jason Morgan | PINS AND NEEDLES)
Man in a barber chair (Elijah Pierce | THE BARBER SHOP AND THE FIGHT AGAINST EVIL)
A black and white dog (Frances Hynes | ROUND AND ROUND)
Man in red suspenders (Ron Anderson | RED’S ROOM)
Sherwin Williams sign (Berenice Abbott | THE FLATIRON BUILDING, NEW YORK CITY)
Man in a red hat and red shirt (Jack Earl | SOMETIMES)
The number 5 (Tom Bartel | FIFTY FIVE)