Members Matter Memberships

as of 5-22-2019

Champion City Circle

Ruth Kunkle Bayley
Jane Bennett
Elisabeth Cole Carpentieri

Director’s Circle

Greg and Alicia Hupp
Mrs. James B. McGregor, Sr.
Sheehan Brothers Vending Service, Inc.
Cynthia Smith

Van Gogh Society

Teresa Demana
Linda L. Egger
Dr. David and Mrs. Virginia Estrop
Patrick E. Field
Marie and Richard Flickinger
Aristides and Alexandra Gianakopoulos
Dr. Sammye C. Greer
Marilyn and Kevin Kreider
James and Nike Lagos
Cameron and Jamie McGregor
Bob and Louise Samosky
Donald and Carolyn Smith


Marie Bosca Baker
Andrew and Catherine Bell
Brock and Jenni Cox
James F. Dicke II
Mark Elliott and Kathryn Limes
Exchange Club Foundation of Springfield
Mark Grimes and Gail Scott
Andrew and Tamala Irick
John and Jill Landess
Mr. Robert L. Marcum
Joseph and Maureen Massaro
Julie B. McGregor
Ross W. McGregor
Antigone and Samuel Petroff
Chad and Gina Rowe
Joseph and Teresa Shouvlin
Camilla F. Thomason



Dr. Lori Askeland and Mr. Frank Doden
Margie Athy
Jane Baker
Mr. Hugh D. Barnett
David and Esther Battle
Mary and Benjamin Beatty
Bill and Deanna Brougher
Susan E. Brougher
Ann and Vijay Chitkara
Sean and Leslee Creighton
Dr. Bernadette DeGuzman
Nick and Annie Demana
Joseph and Elizabeth Dunn
Claudia and Basil Fett
Dr. Larry and Mrs. Kim Fish
Dave and Linda Foley
Mr. Andrew Fox and Dr. Jo Alice Blondin
Peter Gus and Joan Geil
Harold and Elizabeth Goodrich
Ken and Judy Lachey
Thomas and Tina Lagos
Thomas and Mary Ann LaHaise
Adam and Mary Jo Leventhal
Laurie and Eddie Leventhal
Lisa and Michael Loftis
Thomas and Mary Louise Loftis
Bob and Patty McGee
Jason and Margaret Morgan
Mary Alice and Steve Neely
Mary E. O’Brien
Clare M. Perks
Doctor and Angela Plemmons
Daragh Porter and John Wobbe
Noah Ristau
Cyndi and Mark Robertson
Victoria Rulli and Tom Heaphey
James and Michelle Sweeney
Afshan and Mubin Syed
Carola and Brent Thorson
Karen and Chris Woeber


Joan Ackerman
Alan and Peggy Barinholtz
Martha and Bert Barnes
Fred and Joy Bartenstein
Dr. Steven R. Bohl
Sandy and Ray Branstiter
Steve and Susie Broidy
John Brown and Dana Bennett
Joan and John Butz
Gary and Christina Callison
John and Cecilia Canestraro
Vivian Carter
Aileen and David Cave
Carl Champney and Charlene Prestopino
Ted and Connie Chapman
Glenn and Ann Collier
Chris and Linda Cotter
Carol Culbertson
Sheryl Cunningham
Denise Derge
Mary Donnellan
Ken Emerick
Janine Albert Evans
Allison and Matthew Fickus
Ann and Jeffrey Fortescue
Bill and Debbie Fralick
Michael and Sharon Frandsen
Jim and Diane Gibfried
Mr. Larry Hill
Susan Green
William and Melissa Hallmark
Elizabeth Lee Hanrahan
Andrew and Patricia Hellmuth
Folker and Marlies Hemmann
Pat and Mary Henry
Charles and Susan Hickey
Kent and Diana Hoke
David Horne and Ann Hembree
Michael and Lori Houseman
Deborah and Matthew Housh
Judy Hoy and Cole VanSchoyck
Rebecca and Stephen Kapp
Daniel and Anne Kazez
Ernest Koerlin and Deborah Chlebek
Gretchen Krafft
Catherine E. Kramer
Leonard Kramer and Antonia Dosik
Andrea LaMar
Don and Alice Laybourne
Sauli and Elizabeth Lepisto
David and Emily Levingston
Dianne Light
Esther Manuel
David and Irene Marsh
Peggy Martineau
Genny Maupin
Bob and Diane McConnell
Joyce and Patrick McCurdy
Michael and Jerri McDorman
Michael Miller
Susan Miller
Carol Miracle
Leslie and Bob Morris
Doreen and Gary Pinney
Jerry and Su-Ann Newport
Stephen and Cynthia Nowka
Alison Pauley
Ryan Ramirez and Carla Schutte
Mr. Angus M.C. Randolph
Visha Ritter
Mark and Denise Roberts
Alice Robrish
Robert W. and Casey K. Rollins
Alma and David Rutherford
Constandy and Beth Saba
Janice and Larry Schnipke
Robert and Jane Scott
Shirley Sewell
James and Mary Lou Sheehan
Richele Shepard and Jeff Smith
Michael Shifrin
Lowell and Constance Shook
Judith A. Sigmund
Marc and Shary Stadler
Tom and Sharon Stout
Susan and William Stover
Robert and Susan Swaney
Alfred and Elizabeth Thomas
Paul and Cynthia Valente
Diane and Terry VanAuker
Ted and Jodi Vander Roest
Donn Vickers and Sharon Sachs
James and Rachel Votaw
Patricia Wickham
Roger and Linnae Wilson
Paula and Jerry Womacks
Brian and Annie Zimerle


Bob and Peggy Agle
Alex and Terri Anderson
Matthew and Jo Lynn Anderson
Christian and Phyllis Baldenhofer
Robert and Ann Bare
Hal and Jessie Barker
Janet Becht and Rebecca Bertsch
John and Nancy Behling
Ken and Pat Benne
Mr. Bob Bingenheimer
Kelley Booze
Charles and Eunice Bronkar
Carl and Jill Brown
Sam and Barbara Burcham
James Champion
You-chien and Shu-yuan Chiang
Susan and Floyd Chiles
Christopher Chilton
Laura and Christopher Chiu
Bob Coates and Seth Schlotterbeck
Randall and Tamara Comer
Jack and Lonnie Conroy
James and Patricia Dawson
Douglas and Jane Deer
Ronald and Melanie Deere
The Rev. Allen and Ruth Dietz
John and Deborah Dorsey
Jennifer and Olivia Eddy
John and Annette Eshelman
Mark and Jillian Ewalt
Marty and Maureen Fagans
Eve Fleck and Brian Gaughan
Drs. John and Barbara Fleming
David and Ruth Folz
Jon and Linda Fordyce
Tracy Foskuhl
Doug Frates
Heidi and Doug Frates
Becky Skiles Gorby
Bruce and Joyce Grimes
Margie Elaine and Chuck Grove
Sandy and Pete Hackett
Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Harris
Dale and Vikki Hazelbaker
Jim and Bonita Heeg
Richard and Lilly Heil and Joan DiServio
Ryan and Jessica Henry
Bob and Tia Huston
Frances Hynes
Robert and Anne Jackson
Michael and Lois Jamieson
Kristine and James Jones
Gisela Josenhans
Sandra Kachurek and Rob Liptak
Gary & Andrea Keener and Mark & Trish Schultz
Bette Kelley and Wayne Gulden
Amy Korpieski and Scot Hinson
William and Jane Krafft
Evelyn and Tom LaMers
Bill Ray and Jeanne Lampe
Ruth and Hank Lapp
Mr. Frank Lewis
Kevin and Jeanne Loftis
Theresa and Jody Longberry
Shari and Katherine Loukoumidis
Rose A. and Diane F. Lyon
Melinda Marsh and Rick Rutan
Diane McAlister and Vince Whitacre
James and Margie McCullough
Julia and William McLemore
Zac and Sarah McPherson
Ed and Beth Meier
Casey and Sean Moorman
Peter and Peggy Noonan
Caleb and Danielle Oakes
Kathleen and Robert Phillips
Amanda Pierce and Brian Traylor
Drs. J.M. and Sally Abbott Pomputius
Virginia Roche
Greg and Kathryn Rogers
Fernando Romero and Alma Coleman
Katrin and Andreas Ruben
Mr. Rob Rue
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Runyan
Steve Schlather and Nancy Flinchbaugh
Anna and Omson Schroeder
Sherraid Scott
Erin Shapiro and Adam Griffeth
Harold and Yvonne Shelley
Nichol Smith
Charles and Joan Stadler
Brian and Heather Stambaugh
Geoffrey P. and Kathryn L. Steele
Marlene Steele
Zachary Steele
Denise and Richard Sutherland
Margaret Tabor and Tony Kachele
Lady Lorraine and Lord Henry Taylor
Cooley and Deborah Turner
Peter and Diana Wagner
Megan Walsh
Chet and Judy Walthall
Ralph Williams and Elaine Carron
Richard Zopf and Jennifer Haack


Birdie Abele
Polly Agle
Nona Neff Alleman
Thelma C. Anderson
Karen Barnhart
Barbara A. Barth
Gary Birch
Susan Black
Barbara Brookshire
Georgia Bline Bumgarner
Dee Burns
Sigalia Cannon
Jane Cape
Kathleen J. Cappelli
Kim Ceccarelli
Joan Champie
Dr. Gordon Cowperthwaite
John A. Daniels
Amy Deal
Jenny Lee Deer
Isaac DeLamatre
Grant Descombes
Jeanne E. Diehl
David Dillahunt
Deborah Dixon
Linda Donaldson
Karen Duncan
Barbara Edwards
Sue Evans
Rosemary Federer
Douglas R. Fiely
Linda Fischer
Karen Fisher
Marcia L. Frank
William Franz
Wanda M. Gancarz
Larry Gerthoffer
George Art Gianakopoulos
Winnie Granson
Mr. Michael Gummer
Lorie Hale
Carol Hall
Michele Hamsher
Rita Harnish
Betty Lou Hart
Carol Hawes
Carla M. Hayden
Catherine Hellmuth
Joan I. Henderson
Geoff Hetrick
Jackie Holan
Nancy Holmes
Mary Holobaugh
Tess Jarboe
Linda Kalter
Bennie T. Kelley
Carole Kerber
Paula R. Kinzer
Christine Klinger
Vera H. Lambert
Frances LaSalle
Lora Lawson
Jan Lendino
Lois A. Lind
Molly Loftis
LaDonna K. Lowe
Deidre Lucas
Don Lynam
Dr. Barb Mackey
Evelyn J. Mahrt
Maletic & Joy Interior Designs
Tom Mathias
Carol S. Miller
Marian Miller
Sharon Mohler
Lee Monnin
Kathleen Moore
Faith Morgan
Kathryn D. Murphy
Nina D. Myatt
Mary Ann Nafz
Alma Nash
Donna M. Nesbitt
Jennifer O’Brien
June O’Dea
Jan O’Heron
Patricia Owens
Dr. Paul Parlato
Kyna Paul
Lynda Pauley
Kerry Lee Pedraza
Sharri Phillips
Dianne Pullins
Anne Randolph
Bonnie Rashilla
Gaybrielle Ray
Lemoine Rice
Patricia Robinow
Ron Rollins
Jim A. Ross
Elaine Rourke
Libby Rudolf
Teresa M. Russell
Kathryn L. Selke
David Sellers
Rhonda Sloan
Jane Stafford
Peg Stephens
Barbara Stewart
Douglas Taylor
Edgar G. Thacker
Pam Thullen
Michael Trempe
Jennifer Tritle
Margrit Tydings-Petrie
Donna Warfield
Barbara P. Weaver
Barb Weinert-McBee
Mary J. White
Debra Wilburn
Charme R. Wilkerson
Ms. Enid Willard
E. Ellen Williams
James Willoughby
Gloria Woeber
Melissa Vogley Woods
Clara A. Young-Gordon

Young Adult

Calista Dillon
Janine Ellis
Katherine Harrington
Kali Lawrence
Hillary LeMelle
Corinne McAlister
Ruby McAlister